UFED Touch: Field-ready mobile forensics solution

By | May 30, 2012

Source: Help Net Security

In this article “Cellebrite launched UFED Touch, a solution for investigators to extract and decode digital evidence from mobile devices including smartphones, legacy phones, portable GPSs and handheld tablets.

With an exclusive compact form factor and touch screen, the UFED Touch is designed for speed, usability and portability in the field, yet builds on the UFED brand’s solid reputation and unrivaled device support.

The solution uses logical and physical extraction methods to support more than 7,900 profiles for mobile devices including BlackBerry, iOS, Android operating systems and smartphones from Samsung, Motorola, Microsoft, Palm, and Nokia. The UFED Touch also supports forensic data extraction and decoding on legacy phones, portable GPS devices (e. g. TomTom and Garmin) and handheld tablets such as the iPad and Galaxy Tab.”

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