Update your Android now – many holes fixed including ‘BroadPwn’ Wi-Fi bug

By | July 8, 2017
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Source: Sophos Naked Security

Google’s July 2017 security fixes for Android are out.

As far as we can see, there are 138 bugs listed, each with its own CVE number, of which 18 are listed with the tag “RCE”.

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RCE stands for Remote Code Execution, and denotes the sort of vulnerability that could be abused by a crook to run some sort of program sent in from outside – without any user interaction.

Generally speaking, RCE bugs give outsiders a sneaky chance to trigger the sort of insecure behaviour that would usually either pop up an obvious “Are you sure?” warning, or be blocked outright by the operating system.

In other words, RCEs can typically be used for so-called “drive-by” attacks, where just visiting a web page or looking at an email might leave you silently infected with malware.

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