Vulnerable systems setup

By | September 27, 2012

Source: Thoughts on Security

In this article “I frequently get asked how to set up a test lab to practice hacking on. Usually I point the curious in the direction of VMWare or VirtualBox and tell them to set up VM’s. There are plenty of guides explaining how to do this, but one step that is often missing is how to configure realistic VM’s for vulnerable configurations. You might want to know how the exploit you are trying would work against different systems, or how it would work against targets at the time it was released. So I looked through some release timelines and postings to figure out which versions of your favorite browser, plugins, and PDF reader would be installed if you had up-to-date versions of each on January 1st of the past three years, and where you can get them from. This may also be useful if you are putting together a CTF or other challenge:”

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