Watch Out, White Hats! European Union Moves to Criminalize ‘Hacking Tools’

By | April 7, 2012

Source: Wired

I keep saying that politicians are a bunch of stupid people and they just keep proving me right. Who told these individuals they can legislate about issues they have no clue about? I guess it’s time for another internet blackout!?!

In this article “The European Union is continuing a push to criminalize the production or sale of “hacking” tools, a move that civil liberties advocates argue could make criminals out of legitimate security researchers.

The proposal is intended to create stiffer penalties across Europe for hacking and denial of service attacks, imposing a maximum sentence of up to five years for hacking into a site or using a botnet to flood a site with fake traffic.

The proposed law, which was passed by the European Commission’s Civil Liberties Committee last week, still has a ways to go before going into effect — but the EFF’s international rights director Katitza Rodriguez says now is the time to raise awareness about the proposal.”

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