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By | July 23, 2017
QualTech Dynamics 365 Hosting Services | QualTech360Dynamics

The difference between faceless services and all around customer care – QualTech360Care

Are you a small or medium size business and you are using or planning on using Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 online service? You cannot be serious!!

OK, I could not help it but steal John McEnroe’s line but seriously. If you are a small or even a medium size business, even if you have already reached the proud size of 100M dollars yearly revenue making sure you keep your monthly operational costs under check so you can invest in the growth of the business and your people is always in the forefront of the business decisions.

QualTech Dynamics 365 Hosting Services | QualTech360DynamicsIf you are a small business your struggle is even harder. Keep operational costs tight but also being able to access business tools like Dynamics 365 to help you manage your entire business life cycle. Provide you with lead management and customer conversion,  low cost marketing campaigns management, service and product purchasing, quotes, orders and invoicing and manage maintenance and/or support services to your customers without blowing a hole in your monthly operational costs. After all, the reason you started your own business was to do something you enjoy but also to pay off your hard work right?

We know what it takes to run a small business, try to drive the sales force, market your services and grow the customer base, manage the sales life cycle  and manage your customer support services. We are a small business ourselves, we have to do the same. We have done some customizations to Dynamics 365 and this is what we use it for on exactly the same infrastructure we provide to our customers:

QualTech Cloud Hosted Dynamics 365 | QualTech360Dynamics. lead management. By having crm connected to our Exchange email customers filling out the form on our web site are automatically entered as a lead for follow up by using crm’s Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules.

. lead conversion. If a customer contacting us by phone, email, site chat or site form signs up for one of the hosting services we automatically convert them from a lead to an account and contact.

Generate an opportunity with the services to be provided, convert to quote to send to the customer with the monthly amount to be charged and convert to an order to track the monthly billing for the hosting services.

. hosting management. We customized crm so we are able to manage the customers that are using our hosting services, the services we are providing them with and the licensing requirements we have to report for the software applications we are hosting.

. monthly billing. Track hosting, endpoint security, backup storage usage, development services and bill customers for services provided and track payments received.

. support tickets. Customers emailing our support email account will automatically generate a case in crm and receive an automated acknowledgement email reply. Our support team is automatically notified by email and the entire support engagement with our customers is processed and managed directly in crm.

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QualTech Dynamics 365 Hosting Services | QualTech360Dynamics
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We manage our entire business processes with Dynamics 365 all the way from pre-sales to billing and support case management.

Do you think you are going to do that with the same level of support, customer care and similar cost by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 online? Think again and compare the pricing of our hosting Dynamics 365 and services that come with it and what the pricing and services you get with Microsoft online services.

QualTech Hosted Business Solutions | QualTech360Solutions

If you are a very small business with only 5 users you can do all the same just for  $86.87 by using our hosting services compared to $115 or more you would have to pay Microsoft for the same features.

Something else you get from us that you don’t get from Microsoft is that we fully support our customers at no additional cost. That is included in the monthly fee. You might think that doesn’t make much of a difference but let’s see how it compares to how Microsoft online provides their support services.

We own the infrastructure, we do the updates and upgrades, we deploy update and upgrade the software server infrastructure we support our customer based from within our cloud infrastructure and we can provide you with custom development to customize Dynamics 365 to meet the specifics of your business. We don’t have partners supporting our customers, we don’t have partners submitting questions on forums on behalf of our customers, we don’t charge you $400 per incident to access our support team.

We don’t provide faceless services through a signup page on our web site. We engage with our customers from the first contact, understand their needs and concerns and do our best to provide them with the best possible service keeping open communication.

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